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Should i try a drop shoot for finesse fishing in the spring and the summer

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Tell if i should cuz the only finesse fishing i do is shakyhead and finesse jigs so tell me if i should use a drop shoot.


yes...summer is my favorite time to fish a drop shoot...and spring is also good...a good spring drop shoot technique is find a fish on a bed and tie on a a drop shoot with a offset worm hook...about 1/0-2/0 and get then about 2-4 inches down tie a real heavy weight... 1 ounce is good..then the bait you wanna use is a ZOOM tiny fluke...cast it past the bed and slowly drag it to the sweet spot of the bed...then start twitching your rod tip will make the fluke look like its trying to eat the bass's eggs or fry...try it out...its a real good technique! Surprised

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