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hey remember trout fishing can be alot like bass fishing

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what i mean is knowing when to fish fast moving lures and where to slow down and finesse. so start off with a small rapala or spinner(i recomend panther martins.or cast masters) ...and if the fish arent active throw a trout worm from bekley white, or orange for stained water and brown,or yellow for clear water(we call them powerwoms in cali on a 1/64 oz jig head on 2 or 4 pound mono)

for farther info and tips message me

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What bait should i use fishing for small rainbow trout(8"-18")in small creeks(about 3' deep and 25'wide)

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I would use 2 pound test and drift a nightcrawler down the stream, then retreave it

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@survival96 Thanks for the help Very Happy

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i would use a 2 pound mono with a small split shot about 6 inch from the bait...and throw a piece of night crawler and salmon egg together

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