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Channel catfish slip rig(you can also use it for Carp and freshwater Drum fish)

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for channel cats i use a hook about the size of a dime (when im fishing farm ponds and small creeks)or the size of a quarter(for lakes and rivers)tie the hook to a piece of fishing line about one or two feet long and then tie the fishing line to a swivel(no clip)and then on your main line put an egg or bank sinker(go with a half to one OZ egg sinker in slow moving water)(for fast moving water i would use an 2 to 4 OZ bank sinker) after you slide your sninker down your main line tie the swivel to your main line Very Happy

when finshed it will go like this: hook-leader-swivel-and on the main line you should have your sninker and then tie it to the other end of your swivel.

hope this helped catchoftheday101 Cool


im definately gunna try this on sum carp Wink
i know a lake that has sum decent carp in it

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