fishing forever
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fishing forever

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Wading For Trout...

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1Wading For Trout... Empty Wading For Trout... on Tue 08 Feb 2011, 6:04 am


Wading really makes a difference.. If you even just have a pair of hip waders thats al you need. When you wade you can get allot better of an angle allong the bank and creek instead of casting straight into the center of the creek... I garuntee this will make your trout season more succesfull you dont need much. I a pair of hip waders is about 50 bucks tops And I have a backpack with a little double sided plano with my lures, hooks swivels and snells. And then a keep my jars of Salmon eggs powerbait and those little "trout mallows" made by atlas mike.. I will just keep the jar of bait im using in the water bottle pocket on the side of the backpack. You dont need anything special just a cheap pair of waders to help increas your catch rate. So let me know if this helps you guys out.

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