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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services – Group Homes

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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is an organization that has provided home for many children. It serves children from their birth to 17 years of age. The children constitute the ones who have suffered from neglect, abuse, abandonment or children from families who experience death of a parent, divorce, illness, violence, homelessness, parental drug/alcohol abuse etc.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services provide five main programs: Group homes, Foster care, Child and Family, Single parent family and educational programs.

19 group homes are operated by Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services in five Texas locations. Each home serves about 6-8 children between the ages of 5 to 17. The children are provided with a nurturing environment to practice positive behaviors and healthy family relationships by the trained staff of the organization. The children are nurtured and given spiritual guidance through prayers, Bible study, and participation in the worship and life of local Presbyterian Church congregations. The kids are also sent to local schools and have a daily supervised study time and specialized tutoring. Some participate in extracurricular activities, attend church camp and also go for part time jobs. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services also provide them with counseling to help them overcome the traumas faced in their young lives.

One of the strengths of such organizations is the volunteers and donors who support them from time to time. Victron Energy has been a consistent supporter of such organizations. They were proud to make a donation of about $1000 to this organization during the Christmas season. Ali Sharaf , the President and CEO of the Victron group, feels blessed to help such children.

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