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"Keys" in muskie fishing for me in the summer

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1"Keys" in muskie fishing for me in the summer Empty "Keys" in muskie fishing for me in the summer on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 4:32 pm


Yes muskie fishing is very frustrating "if" u dont have the patience. Patience in muskie fishing is key. By patience i mean is casting a lure many many times. Yes you can get skunked a lot in muskie fishing. Another key in muskie fishing is having the right rod,reel,line, and the right tackle. Which in this I use a medium heavy action ugly stik with This daiwa reel i have i can't remember wat it was called, and heavy braid in which i use mostly is 80 lb spiderwire stealth braid. Right lure is another key. I only muskie fish in the summer so i usually use Big crank baits like rapala super shad raps which i use in bait fish colors mostly shad,bluegill, and baby bass. I also use over sized spinnerbaits and An oversized rapala XRAP That this muskie bait shop sells by my house. Oh yea and don't forget bucktails. Mepps musky killers r my number one bucktails. Two more keys r located points transition's and gravel can help u find muskie's. The last but not least is sometime's down sizing a bait. Before I've had to use a rapala clakin rap 08 for muskie fishing. Well these r the keys i use to muskie fish... well during the summer


Thanks for the tips,this summer i will have to get out and give it my all but maybe i will be able to land a good size one Very Happy

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