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Cedar River

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1Cedar River Empty Cedar River on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 12:14 am


I've done just about all of my catfishing on the Cedar River this year and I've caught over 400 catfish. I like to fish on the Cedar wherever a dam is near or wherever there are down trees or other sunken cover the fish can hide in. I fish the Cedar from north of Waverly, IA to just north of Waterloo, IA. This is only about a 15-20 mile section of the river, but it holds soooo many catfish. The closer you get to Waverly, the more pressured the river is. On any given day you can drive through Waverly and count 30-40 people standing along the riverbanks fishing. A lot of these anglers are very inexperienced and don't catch much of anything, but there are still a lot of people there. I give the Cedar River a 5 Star rating for this year. Any place that I can pull that many catfish out of and of that decent size (2-8 lbs) is a great place to fish.

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