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Went fishing on 7/25/10 Castaic Lake and Lagoon (long) part 1

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So yesterday was for sure one of the best (fun wise) fishing days I've ever had. I was supposed to help with some packing but my cousin saved me and we went fishing to Castaic Lake, AND the Castaic Lagoon. So first we went to Castaic Lake and rented a boat. We arrived on the lake at around 6:15, got our boat at 6:30, we were fishing already by 6:50. First spot my cousin and I fished was Gulliana Point. We were fishing 3 different humps around this spot and had few bites, but only my cousin landed 2 bass, I missed 3. Two humps were in deeper water, around 50-60 feet. The other was in 20-30 ft of water. My cousin landed his two bass in the shallower hump.

We only fished each hump for around 120 minutes so by 8::15 we arrived at the 1st area of Government Coves. We fished the Wall of the 1st cove and I landed a nice 2 pound bass on a DT-20. this was in 25 feet of water.we moved on to the next two with neither of us getting anything. In the last cove we both got two bass using some more rapalas in the shady parts of the cove. The bass were all over the water level and to my surprise a bit. We continued of the left side of the Fishing arm and we fished Red Clay Cove. We were fshing the mouth of the cove in around 30 feet of water and my cousin got a beautiful 3 1/2 pound bass on a drop shoot rig. I caught 1 bluegill using a small four and a half inch roboworm but I released it.

We then fished Red Cliffs where we found a weed bed with some scattered wood around there. On a texas rigged roboworm I caught only one bass but was 1 1/2 pounds. Then we fished Elizabeth Canyon and found another spot with scattered wood but no bass caught there. We fished our way out of Elizabeth Canyon and my cousin caught two stripers off of blood worms. stripers were caught in 50 feet of water. We then fished Old Outhouse which has deeper water and managed to find scattered bass there. I got 1 more bass there but using a roboworm AGAIN! We then drove all the ay to Ball Point but did not get anyting there either. We left the lake at 2:30 and drove just 2 minutes down to the Castaic Lagoon.

final score for part 1
Manny (me)- 6 fish 5 bass 1 bluegill
David (cousin) 7 fish 5 bass 2 stripers

see Part 2 for Lagoon highlights

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