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PERRIS LAKE California

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1PERRIS LAKE California Empty PERRIS LAKE California on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 3:50 pm


Perris lake in located in southern california in the city of perris
IT is home to the world record spotted bass at 9lbs and 4oz.
it has record size channel cats, largemouth bass, crappie and other panfish

an average size bluegill at perris is about 1 1/2 pounds and 2lbers or easily common
redear average about 1/2 lb -1lb but do get in the 2 pound range in the summer
crappie average about 2 pounds there but rarely get over 3lbs
largemouth average a good 14 inchs and a trophy bass is about a 5 pounder there
spotted bass are huge there with an average of 16 inches ..if u do manage to find them
and catfish average a nice 4 pounds which is a great eating size

over all the lake is well know in socal for its huge panfish which can get up to 4lbs in there. and a 4lb blugegill or readear is a monster.
I would say it would have to bee my favorite blugegill and readear lake of all time

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