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Tourament results you have all been waiting for

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1. 101fishguy with 89.5
2. socalbassboy with 85.5
3. mr bluegill with 79
4. me with 31 Mad
5. stocktonfisherman(survival96

Good job all of us! Be a good sport to everone and hope you compete in the tour when it comes!

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2Tourament results you have all been waiting for Empty hey on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 11:05 pm

good job people!

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Laughing i lost the bet! Very Happy you get a roboworm buddy congrats cali got the top 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twisted Evil cheers

thats how we roll!

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every cali member was in the top 5

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um their was only 5 people who turned in their results so yes a cali member would ave to be top 5.

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man i got 3rd place thats good...not bad at all....

see mr.bluegill knows his crap Lol

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